Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Didn't Miss The Year Anniversary of Renee's Passing....

March 9th was the day that shook all of us to the core.... Renee our gypsy sister passed ....  and she is missed so much.... her laughter, her love, her caring.... her wit and lovely charm... all missed by us.

I feel in my heart she is always with me.....



  1. we're still moving our caravan and renee is still with us, laughing and loving us down an uncharted new trail.


  2. I miss her so still tearing up..sigh! Hugs to you hon! Love, Sarah

  3. I KNOW you didn't miss this day.... Gypsy Sisters NEVER forget....and we are all still bound together with our courage, our passion and our love!

    I raise my glass Northwards to Renee's memory and to you, dear Patee!

    Zum Wohl!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Hi, Pattee
    It's Teresa from your Odd-doll ning blog
    I miss your ning site, but know that we all had a lot of fun times sharing photos and dolls.
    And blessings to you this weekend and I wish I could have known Renee. It's kind of like Penney McAlister who passed away about a year ago too, such lovely ladies who are greatly missed.
    Teresa in CA
    Oh, I do have my own blog now.

  5. pattee, where have you been?


  6. Hello,
    Looking for your email to ask caravan questions. Can't find an e-mail for you on you profile ... please give me a shout ... via I'm looking forward to hearing for you. -Jayne

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