Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sorry Gypsy Sisters... I've Been Traveling

Not like a gypsy : ( no this is by plane and automobile... not caravan's and horses. But I hope something like that will be in my future. I'll look into the crystal ball...
Do I see a caravan? A trailer? A Westfalia?
I went to NIADA this year in Chicago... The doll is the one I made with the Russian doll maker Olga Roehl... I know it's not gypsy "stuff" just thought I'd share anyway....

I'm off to San Diego on Thursday.... See you all the middle of August.... Could I please have a Westfalia to drive home!


  1. Have a safe & fun trip! :D

    A Westfalia would be sooo cool... ^-^

  2. OMG pattee, you made this? it is mysteriously beautiful. those eyes...

    have a great time pattee. i love san diego. and to travel cross country like this: that is my desire too.

    be well my friend.


  3. I too love San Diego even if I have only spent about two hours there, seems like a beautiful place. Have fun and be safe.
    The doll is odd and wonderful.

  4. amazing sculpture, looks like a fairy horse
    really beautiful
    Have a fun trip, wish I could go on Vaca
    I always wanted a VW van LOL
    I'm such a old hippie

  5. Yes I think those VW campers are like "cult" things that we will always want!

  6. Lovely to hear you have been travelling and having adventures! I love the "creature" you created.....she looks like some fantastic Goddess of the Forest from the Edda... beautiful!

    Enjoy the warmth of San Diego!


    Your Gypsy Sister,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Hey Pattee & all Gypsy sisters... I went to the Ren Faire a few hours south of where I live this past weekend & was fortunate enough to see the Gypsy Equestrian show that was there... It was beyond amazing & made me wish all of you were there with me, watching, clapping & cheering. ^-^
    Hoping everyone's travels are exciting and filled with wonder. Travel lightly, my darlings.

  8. Hey there. My name is Matthew and i live in central New York. I am attempting to find a few gypsies i could hire to come and speak to my college about the Romani culture. I know this maybe random, but would you or anyone you know be near New York who would like to come and speak? We could pay as well. My email is AimerVieLiberte@gmail.com thank you