Thursday, June 17, 2010

Can You Just Not LOVE This Woman

I wish she were my grandmother, weaving wool and stories.... Or maybe that someday I will be like her... weaving tales of long ago. Hoping my friends stop to talk around the campfire. Look into the heavens and see Renee and all the ones we loved. I definitely want her shoes..

Hope all of you gypsy sisters that I call my own are well and doing "just" what you are supposed to be doing right now!


  1. This will be me when I grow up... or at least get older. ^-~
    She is beautiful & wonderful, every lovely line on her face and hands contain a story all their own. I can only hope that my stories leave me so nicely etched. ^-^

  2. o wow wouldn't this make the most gorgeous sculpt????
    Such a sweet, kind and beautiful face.
    I so love faces with "life" wrinkles on it.
    I can almost see you looking like this in the future dear Pat.
    You would also make such a pretty picture to look at!

  3. Wonderful face she has.I hope you are having a grand week and making yourself happy.

  4. Amei a foto, é realmente linda. Transmite a experiência nas rugas do rosto com doçura e tranquilidade. Muito bonita.

  5. This face has lived a life! She has told many a tale, sung many a song, danced many a dance!
    Her beauty remains....

    You should check out Suki's blog today....she posts and has included numerouse poems by a dear friend of of them has a Gypsy-theme.

    Sending you hugs from cold, windy San Francisco. I hope you are having warmer weather!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. I spotted this picture and your blog on someones side bar and had to come by. Love this shot! What a woman!

    I live in the PNW too, I see we have much in common except I am more of a hermit than a gypsy. Also I like dogs first, cats second. I live kind of near Astoria, Oregon. I think we started our blogs at the same time. I will go have a look around yours.