Sunday, May 30, 2010

So Sorry to be Away From The Gypsy Sisters

This has been a challenging month to say the least and I am sorry for being so remiss... as this Blog is dedicated to Renee, our sister that has flown above us... far from the earthly plane.. watching over us and her blessed family.. She is within all of us....  her heart beats in us....
Renee you are missed....


  1. Definately missed that is for sure. She is going to kick our butts if we wallow....Lets spread our wings and soar.

    Gypsies soar every day place to place..recreating every time the land.


  2. Life gets away from us sometimes. Renee is with us always and I must think of her a hundred times a day. She is very special and a one in a million.

  3. Pattee, I know Renee is with all of us...
    I feel her presence a lot.... sometimes, when I am having a particularly down day (like I did over the weekend)....I really miss being able to type a message - knowing I will receive a typed reply... but, her voice still comes through loud and clear....we just have to listen harder.

    I feel she giggles when she sees this blog...and it's so wonderful for the "Band of Beautiful Gypsies" to get together, toast life, life and our friendship!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. There's an award for you at

    celebrating versatility.