Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day~

I know our beautiful Renee is here with us looking down with all her love, and  I know her family is greatly missing her today.
So lets sit by the fire and enjoy the company... of us here and those that we wish were here.
Light some candles and have healing hearts.
This is our virtual home but sometimes feels so real.
Renee was our fortune teller... I wonder what she would tell us now?
I am going to have a glass of wine while we sit around the fire with stories. Care to join me?
Your hostess and gypsy sister..


  1. this is wonderful, pattee. you really know how to create a mood. i thought of renee quite a bit this weekend. i was so glad to see angelique's post.

    i hope you might write about renee and the gypsy caravan for renee's book of love. there is no rush.

    love love

  2. I'll be glad to join you. A glass of wine sounds rather nice about now. May your Mother's Day have been lovely. *hugs*

  3. can I come over and chat, missed you
    Happy belated mother's day to you and your feathered babies

  4. Pattee.. wish I could have been there last night... what a wonderful evening it would have been! I second KJ's request.....I hope you will write a "Gypsy Sister" paragraph for Renee's Book..... I know it would mean a lot to Renee's family - real and blogging....

    A bit early for wine here....but I raise my coffee mug to you and toast - "Zum Wohl" - to life!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. I missed the party, but I was thinking of Renee and her family all day Sunday.

  6. What a delightful little world you have here...I may stay and visit a while x