Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Did I Tell You Gyspy Sisters?

That I have 7 baby chicks that will be traveling with me now... and maybe even some Gouldian finches and Indian Runner ducks!

Yes it's true~ and when I take off this summer I'm going to either leave them home with my husband a great care taker or take a couple with me...

Did I tell you that I'm planning a trip this summer ... across America. From small little Bellingham Washington to Crowhaven Farms in Pennsylvania...

If you'd like a visit from me I will see if it can be added to my trip! I would love to see you!


  1. O hoh oh oh when you cross through Idaho..if you come through Coeur d Alene...I wanna take you for coffee!! How fun is that..I so want to do that some day..just wander across the country!! Hugs hon, Sarah

  2. Sounds wonderful! It's been too long a time since I packed my bags. Life is short, as we so well know. Let's grab it and run!

  3. I love all your birds! How wonderful.
    If you come to Taos NM, please let's have a visit. xoxo

  4. Wow....love these feathered beauties! Extending an invitation for coffee, tea or a glass of TJ's "Gypsy Wine" if you come to San Francisco!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Hi Patti, I need to know which blog you want me to link to for the party!! I want to make sure I do the right one. :)

    My Desert Cottage

  6. Love your beautiful babies! I have one parrot Beatrice (a Senegal)
    that lives with me and another Shakti (Indian Ringneck) that lives with my parents. (the neighbors complained)

    Have a wonderful trip!