Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Beloved, Beatiful Gypsy Sister is Gone Home

We love you Renee, we say blessing to your family... We hold you in our hearts of hearts.
We will look up to the starts and see your beautiful spirit shining over us.
Welcome home dear sister.


  1. She dances now among the angels and the stars. Let us dance in her honour too.

  2. I so agree .. let her dance among the stars so we can speak to her .. I love you Renee where ever you are.

  3. She's flying free, our angel and gypsy sister! Much love to you all! Silke

  4. Fly free sweetest of Angels...

  5. Oh hon that is beautiful. Despite my tears today..I am so glad she is out of pain and dancing. I am smiling to think what a merry chase she will give them up there! Pattee I am sending extra special hugs to you today can you feel them? Love you, Sarah

  6. We love you so much and we are happy you are flying free, though we will miss you so much!

  7. ~her presence will greatly be missed...she will be remember by so so many...a beautiful soul was she...may she fly freely and soar on the wings of l♥ve...brightest blessings~

  8. I can just picture Renee, finally free of pain, dancing and singing the night away with her gypsy sisters. This is such a beautiful post, Pattee.

    Sending you many hugs and lots of love, especially on this sad day.

  9. Lots of hugs for all of us. We can do this, she prepared us for it.
    It does not make it any easier, but she connected all of us so we could endure this great pain.
    We love you our Dear Renee.
    I love you Pattee.

  10. We are so much richer having known Renee...
    She did prepare us for this in her grace...
    Grace... with a little F-inn cancer thrown in.

    Renee sent me a package about 6-7b months ago...
    It was filled with beautiful things. A journal, candle and matches, beautiful ribbons, paper, pens... I still have all of the thing and I think I'll make something out of the ribbons from that box in memory ~

    Love to all my gypsy sister tonight

  11. Oh darling Renee how I wish you hadn't had to go, but I'm so very grateful to have known you. You've changed me - for the better. With you sweet girl...