Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8th

It's been a long while that we have had an update on our gypsy sister Renee...
Today is International Woman's Day... and I'd like to dedicate that day to Renee... someone that has touched us all deeply. What a beautiful woman Renee is... What a kind woman Renee is... An angel in our midst.
Let's sing and dance ...
and throw caution to the wind....


  1. I join you in song and dance, and throwing caution to the wind ..for Renee.
    And dedicating this day to Renee.
    May she suffer no more pain.♥

  2. What a beautiful, perfect tribute Pattee.
    This is so wonderful and I too throw caution to the wind and join in song and dance to celebrate the love and light that is Renee.
    Love and hugs to all that love this woman.

  3. Celebrating her life and the happiness is what she would want. Love ya shake your boodie...get down woman...Ill help ya up..unless we both get stuck down then we are screwed.


  4. How loving your post is! You are adorable!
    Lovely to see Renee here. I know I have seen this photo before. It has made me feel like she as been able to visit us.
    Totally agree with 100%