Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4th

I thought I'd start a fire tonight. We could share a story about Renee and how she's touched our lives.
I put up more lights on the trees... magical.
I've made some tasty soups for our dinner. Did anyone one remember the bread?
And of course red wine...
Thank you gypsy sisters for following this ever changing caravan.


  1. I've got the bread, a thick crusty dark loaf. I made it for this exact moment.
    What a beautiful scene you have set.
    I remember Renee having time for me when I was confused. She said "Speak your truth Marie and others can speak theirs. Your truth is yours and it cannot be taken away."

    I want to thank you sweet heart, that was eggxactly what I needed ;-D
    I love king eggford omlet fritatta.

  2. I so wish I'd known Renee.
    I am but an outsider, looking in. ♥

  3. I brought a bit of desert with me..I will have some wine please. The fire is lovely hon.
    Renee was my mentor in so many ways & dear friend. I adore her..she loves me back...told me truth when I needed to hear it.. always encouraged me to keep brave..step out there. She was always there to say whoo hoo and happy dance for me. I will miss her words every day!
    I repeated 2nd grade and was forever labeled "the stupid one" in the family. Despite graduating with honors and being on the Deans list..I was still looked on as that role. In the last ten years I discovered..I was not so stupid....Renee and I were discussing how this had effected my life one day..she said.."Well went from Mental Duck to Mental Swan!!" This forever changed turned into my award and my new mentality of being brave and Letting Fly as a Swan! She walked me through months of testing my new long wings and watching me fly with them. Helping people fly is what she is so amazingly wonderful at. It will be missed...she will be missed. I adore her and am very sad today. I love her so! I only hope that if she is in so much pain it is quick and peaceful for her.
    Thank you Pattee for letting me share this here with you all!! Hugs and Love, Sarah

  4. Patee, I only got to know Renee for a couple of months, but she made me feel as if we had known each other forever. She put a lot of things into perspective for me. The most amazing thing was all the packages she got at Christmas and she was so glad that this would be memories for her children. Many times I would read her blog and have myself a good cry, What amazing strength! I will never forget her. I met her through Sarah and will forever be grateful. Hugs to you.

  5. I will bring the plates! Then we can smash them in the fire, Renee will love that.