Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1

I love this picture of this girl in a red hat ~ she looks like a Gypsy child.
It's a beautiful day, so I am going to sit here quietly. Meditate and pray for our gypsy angel, Renee.
It smells like spring, rebirth and renewal..
I don't know whats up with the horses but they must be feeling spring too!

Take care all my gypsy sisters... My heart is with everyone of you while we go through the loss of our soul sister Renee...


  1. Pattee, That's a lovely spot you've got there for sitting on a sunny day.

    I am so sad about Renee and missing her spirit on her blog. But I do have good memories to keep me company.


  2. I'm praying that all Renee is experiencing is peace and no pain. Fly free, Gypsy Angel!

    Hugs to comfort you Pattee in that beautiful sunny spot.


  3. these photos are the life we gypies lead, pattee. i am so glad to be here with you!

    i have another 3 watches and one hefty wallet. hey is cat part of our caravan? and vicki? and what about silke and sarah? maybe we should have a fireside chat one of these nights, look up to the stars and tell the universe to get ready for our renee.

    love to all who come here. we are gypsy heart sisters and loving it.

    ps that last photo IS renee!!!! as in: har har har! what the fuck is she laughing about pattee?

    renee, we miss you to the moon and back.

  4. Dear Pattee, such beautiful photos to show this gypsy life of ours! I think our dear sister Renee is never far from any of our minds and definitely always tucked into our hearts! For her, I hope that she is not suffering will soon fly free! Much love to all!! Silke

  5. Oh I love those pictures my gypsy sister..I want that front porch. I could meditate on there. I had to meditate yesterday, was a achey day. I even wrote Renee a letter, felt good to put the wall down for a few and get somethings off my chest. I miss her real bad...Ive been trying to hide behind the positive for her and prepare myself. But its hard the past few days. I will just keep writing and get it off my mind. Love you my dear friend...xoxoxoxoxoxoxo I need to see a funny chicken pic ha ha

  6. Lovely photos. I know Renee would love them.
    Sending hugs.

  7. I love that front porch and can see us sitting there talking of our dear Renee. Remembering the words of wisdom and fucks that flew from her mouth, the hardy har har's and the xoxoxox's that are her signature.
    Take care my dear friend, she will remain mortal and immortal in our hearts and minds
    and every gypsy troup needs a senior angel to watch over them and guide them along the way.
    Renee is ours and there is none better.
    As kj says to the moon and back.
    Love and huge hugs sister gypsy friend.