Friday, March 19, 2010

I Want to Toast All of Us Gyspy Sisters

This blog is very important to me because I started it for Renee.

I told her over a year ago that I felt like I was a gypsy at heart and she told me she thought she was one also. So I told her I'd buy a gypsy caravan and pick her up and we could travel the world. She said she'd love to go on one condition... that I be her personal cook. LOL!!! Of course!!! So many months of emailing back and forth about how we would do this and what fun we'd have... I started this Traveling Gypsy Caravan blog so Renee and I would have a visual place to hang out. Soon there was Sonia wanting to join us, then Marie... and now we have 45 women that have come together to celebrate the gypsy way of life! It's wonderful. I love how it made Renee so happy. That she loved being the fortune teller of our band.
I know she knew how much she was loved and she is looking down at us with a huge smile.


  1. I agree! I think it is a wonderful blog and such a fine tribute to Renee! I always think of her when coming here!

  2. The clink of the glasses, the love of good food, the fire by the wagons, the mandolins and singing at night, the stars in the sky and the thought of the gypsy band traveling on the road again tomorrow. This all drives us on to search for our fortune teller in the heavens.
    Wait, wait, I feel something coming, it is from our beloved fortune teller...

    Why aren't you guys dancing, there must be dancing. Har har I have been waiting for the party to start!!! I love you all dear sisters. xoxoxo

  3. It is a wonderful tribute to a friend. Before I ventured into blogland, I and a friend started a Yahoo group. Oh, gosh, she was just thrilled with it...especially when I surprised her by having her favorite author join. She passed shortly thereafter, but the group remains as a tribute.

  4. Such a beautiful tribute.

    Big hugs,

  5. a toast and dance with little bells on our ankles
    your fairy friend

  6. My glass is held high. To toast Renee, who will always be with us, and all my gypsy sisters.
    May the caravan continue its journey.

  7. I am there with you, and my glass is held hi. I am so happy that Renee is free and flying. Though I will miss her so much. This is a beautiful blog.

  8. I've been mildly obsessed with writing simply haiku lately. I wrote this one while out for coffee a few days ago, and feel it fits here. ^-^

    Come Gypsy Sisters
    Let us ride free, sing & dance
    All of Time is ours.

    Led by Sun & Moon
    Endless adventures we'll have
    We can rest later.

    Dancing round the fire
    Soaring higher & higher
    All the world is ours

    Higher yet we climb
    Twirling along side the stars
    Dancing until dawn

    The Sun is risen
    We retire to our homes
    We'll be back tonight

    To dance again &
    Sing, laugh & smile together
    Sisters for always.

    Love & hugs to all. ^-^

  9. This a beautiful and you are beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  10. pattee,

    we are gypsy sisters. here, there, as above, so below.

    the part i don't like is not seeing renee's comments. i miss those even more than her posts.

    love love

  11. Pattee,
    Like the White Rabbit, I am always late!
    I have just begun to blog - thanks to Renee, KJ and Annie.... hope I can join your Gypsy Caravan! You NEED a Croatian/Irish lass who can dance and sing (hey - I know all of "Carmen") and yes, enjoy a glass (or two) od red wine! Plus, I will have a pair of brilliant, black Fresians pulling my Gypsy Cart!

    I miss Renee...and know she would enjoy this blog! And, yes, KJ is right - (again).... how much we all miss Renee's comments....

    She is right here with all of us though....

    A toast to the beautiful, brilliant Renee!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. It's a lovely gesture and I'd love to join in one day but keeping up is difficult. You're doing a great job of remembering our sweet friend.

  13. I wish we could all sit around a campfire together.