Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Gypsy Sister Renee is in The Hospital

Please, whether you pray or heal, or have any other beliefs. Lets please have those healing energies go to our beloved gypsy sister Renee.... she's in the hospital with bats in her stomach.. Lets chase those bats away with out energies .... our best self....

Renee I am praying for your release from the torment that you face and come home to us and your family~
Love~ Pattee


  1. come home to us and your family indeed.

    we miss renee so much. i and all of we gypsy sisters are praying and believing that she is being made comfortable and free of pain in the hospital, and will soon be back saying 'fuck' like it's a prayer.

    together strong, pattee and sonia and sarah and silke and everyone else who is travelin' in our caravan.

    together strong.

  2. Together strong!
    Lift up our love to heal our dear sister.
    Together strong!

  3. Beautiful Renee is always in my prayers and heart. She is never far from my thoughts.

  4. May Renee be dancing and playing on her tambourine soon!

  5. Together Strong.....Sorry been ill all weekend...I havent been online ahrdly at all...Gawd I feel awful...I say prayers to all those who hear no more suffering and be well my dear and loving friend. I love you dearly as I do Pattee, KJ, Sarah, Jacquie, and so many others...Please be well

  6. Renee has been in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I Hope she can return to her family soon, Angelique had written a beautiful post...continues prayers everyday. may she be dancing soon.

  7. Sweet Renee - she never seems to quite leave my thoughts these days! I think about her and her family all the time and send all my love and healing energy!! Love, Silke

  8. Sweet Renee..I so adore her..I want her to be free of pain and come home just breaks my heart to see her suffer. I am joining you all in sending her prayers and energy her way! Love, Sarah