Monday, February 22, 2010

I counted...

It's been two weeks since Renee posted on her blog...
Sheldon, Renee's Gypsy horse always pulls Renee's caravan...
The entrance to Renee's caravan....
This is Renee's bed that she lovingly asks her friends to join her for chats and laughter ...into the night...
We go out and sit by the fire, telling stories of family and friends, dreams and adventurers...
We toast to Renee and tell her of our love and her courage...
The birds circle our heads and we look into the night sky and pray....
Our love and hearts are with you Renee...


  1. Pattee. This is a most beautiful post. Our love and hearts are with Renee for sure. Sheldon is beautiful. There is so much love for Renee all over blogland....

  2. pattee, this is stunningly beautiful.

    it's been two weeks? i miss her too.

    the last time i heard from renee was the day before she went in the hospital. lolo and i had sent her flowers for her Mother's loss. renee loved them, she said she'd be phoning me that day if her pain cooperated.

    i think she didn't want to go into the hospital because she knew what it meant.

    but pattee, renee will be part of the caravan now and forever. you're making sure of that.

    love you sweet friend. renee loves you too. let that help you today.


  3. A beautiful post for a wild gypsy soul straining at her constraints.

  4. Patee this is beautiful hon...I miss her so. It feel like so long since I chatted with her. Thank you for this beautiful post..Renee offered up of herself and her love so freely...she would love this hon..she would.
    Gentle gypsy hugs to you Pattee.
    Love, Sarah

    Hon would you email me at ..I can't seen to put my hands on your email address..thanks hon!

  5. these pictures are so beautiful
    all winged creatures take flight
    your fairy friend

  6. I am so sorry your heart hurts so bad Pattee.
    I wish there was something I could do to ease your pain.
    Make Renee doll Pattee. Pour your emotions in to it.

    This post is a wonderful tribute to our gypsy sister Renee. You are such a good sister friend.
    I miss her too and love you dearly sweetie.

  7. Sweetie...If you need me I am here. I dont want you to be lost in the sorrow. Email me...k?

    We can talk on the phone ya want.
    xxooxoxxo Love ya dear friend

  8. This is so beautiful it made me cry. ((hugs))

  9. Dear Pattee,

    This is so very beautiful! It is such a sad time! Sending you a big hug!!

    I had a note from Jacquie, where she asked me if I could post this note from her:


    thank you for sheldon renee's gypsy horse
    he is just breath means so much to me as his mom and at a time like this.
    all of you have made a difference to renee's life and given us much appreciated support.
    when i just can't take it another minute i come to her blog to gather strength to go on heartt is shattering as we have had too much to endure....
    thank you all
    love jacquie

  10. Yes, I have been counting too. I miss her so much. Beautiful post and Jacquie, my heart goes out to you and the whole family.