Thursday, February 25, 2010

Every Day...

I light my candle and send my prayers to Renee and her family.
I'm going to keep this blog going... traveling gypsy sisters... If you know others that would like to join please invite them... I want this gypsy caravan alive for Renee... and those who love her.
I'm going to sit awhile and think about what a beautiful being Renee is. How her heart opened and healed so many...
Come sit with me...

Together Strong we will be... now go feed your gypsy horses : )
Love to you all...


  1. Dear Pattee I only got to know Renee recently and she touched my heart too. I'm glad that you will keep this blog going. I think Renee would like that too. Sending much love and prayers. Becca

  2. same here. I didn't have the length of time but she has made a mark on my soul. I'm glad this blog will be here, I really think Renee would love that!

    I'll sit here with you. Love and prayers to all the gypsy sisters and of course to Renee and her wonderful family!

  3. I thinks it is safe to say that Renee touches the hearts of all whom she encounters and we are all the better for it. The best we can do is to keep holding Renee and her family in our hearts.

  4. Aww Patee... the empty chair just did me in! I am so glad you decided to keep this band of gypsy women rolling along. I agree I think she would love it!!
    Sitting next to you..feeling stronger doing it! Thank you for offering hon!
    May Renee and her family feel all the love we are sending their way.
    Hugs and Love, Sarah

    Off to feed my horse and Sheldon too!

  5. Dear Pattee, I am so glad you are going to keep this gypsy caravan going. Renee will be a part of it always!! And she will love it, wherever she is!! Love, Silke

  6. So Patte...this gypsy sister went and got some all natural berry berry tea. I think we you and I will steep some up. Curl up on some fluffy chairs and sit in the candle light. How time goes by so fast, and it seems like we didnt have her quite long enough. But the caravan is will be where we create, drink our tea, and cook (not burn)our stories together dear friend. I put my head on your shoulder and say "I love you Pattee, and Im glad we are friends".

  7. So happy you are keeping the blog going. Renee told me I could join the caravan and make plates for the group and every night we would break them :-). I love her and miss her so much.

  8. Yes let's break plates and wine glasses... throw them in to the fire we tend nightly..

  9. I'm here. Sitting by the candlelight with my tea. Watching the flickering flames and thinking that Renee is probably dreaming of Josephine. A beautiful happy dream.

  10. What better way to keep our vibrant Renee with us, than to have a living, breathing, growing group of rollicking women who love life, and cherish each other's friendship.

    She has given of herself to each of us, and in that alone, we are all connected. Renee's Tribe.

  11. my gypsy sister, i have collected 17 gold watches this week. shall we have lobster tonight?

    and i will read tarot cards in renee's absence. she will direct me when needed.

    she lives within us pattee. now and forever.

  12. I think this is a wonderful idea, Renee would love that. This is a beautiful blog and I know when we come here to vist, Renee is there with us too! ((hugs!))