Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Of Course We Need Horese and more...

Lyuba (meaning love used by the Romani) one of our best and strongest stallions.
 Nadya (meaning hope in Romani)  another wonderful stallion

Simza (meaning joy) rambunctious and a bit on the unruly side.

And my favorite Sheldon in memory of Renee's nephew.

We are close, we are family. Sisters of the heart and soul.We survive the best we can

     Renee is of course our resident tarot card reader.

Sonia our voodoo doll maker and curse sayer.

     KJ our famous, slippery pickpocket.
     I'm your hostess, cook, story teller, magic maker.

If you are new here you will be in for a wonderful journey~


  1. Hi Pattee! Nice to meet you. I am intrigued! Can't wait to see more of the mysterious goings on in the caravan. Those horses are beautiful. I love your dolls too and shall be back to visit again here and there!

  2. How FUN!!! And here I thought it was just imaginary! Now I see how you got that picture of KJ!!! teehee. Sonia looks posessed...must have been before her morning coffee...that can do it to a girl. **kisskiss** Deb

  3. OMG!! I love the horses. LOL!! on the pictures of all you guys. This is going to be fun.

    It is easy Pattee, I made all of the goddesses in december and am just sharing them now.
    So yes, they are all spoken for and gone. But maybe you will win, you just never know.

  4. Oh oh oh I am so thrilled to be part of the clan!! Hope it was ok that Renee let me join the band!! The horses...OMG to die for...I will take very good care of them!!
    Will have to dig up a picture of myself...giggle!! How fun is this!!

  5. update: three gold watches, two wallets, seven eyeglass cases, and one silver dollar. enough for grocery shopping for all our company, wouldn't you say?

    it turns out i have the most fun job.

    ps welcome sarah, welcome marie. and deborah, you had your doubts about me already?? hee hee

  6. Oh, how wonderful!! I can't wait to see where all you travel and the adventures you will have!! Gypsys have always fascinated me!! There are many in Germany - the not so romantic kind, but in France I saw the gypsies of my imagination, beautiful wagons and all. I wanted to run away with them... Those horses are just amazingly beautiful!!! Hugs, Silke
    P.S. Where we lived in NM, there was an antique store selling a gypsy wagon - it was gorgeous!!! I sometimes wish we had bought it...

  7. pattee, you are the best hostess. i love your food. thank god you know magic.

    there. we have everything.


  8. I just love this and that horse is beautiful, it looks like it is wearing bell bottoms LOL
    So fun!!!
    your fairy friend

  9. Those are some great, funky horses. And I hadn't even thought about the Mediterranean diet aspect - that's m favorite!

  10. Did you really mean I could join the caravan? Really?!? This is so much fun!!! I've always wanted to be a gypsy...

  11. What a fabulous adventure of the heart and imagination! As you travel, I hear everyone singing that old, old song -- "What care I for my house and my land? What care I for my money, O? I'd rather have a kiss from my wild gypsy's lips -- I'm away with the raggle taggle gypsies, O!"

  12. Oh my God I will send this to Jacquie so she can see my favourite horse too. Sheldon.

    Thanks for the fun Pattee.


  13. silke and everyone, welcome to the caravan. do you have pickpocket skills? :)

    we are going to look like wagon train...

  14. Whoot how fun is this...never tried pickpocketing...but I might be able to help with the potion making..maybe a bit of herbal craft??
    Sheldon is indeed a handsom boy!! Patee I am thinking we may need to pinch a couple more boys to pull these wagons..I may not be able to pickpocket..but I bet I can pinch a good horse..LOL!!
    thank you for the warm welcome!! So please to have joined the band!!
    Sastimos, Sarah

  15. I love those horses!!! And Sonia, put on your happy face - pa-leeeeeez! haha! I will be tagging along with the rest, shilling when I can, and 'borrowing' vegetables and fruit from the farms we pass along the way. OH! And I can sing a little. :) xo Pam

  16. wow amazing............i tried to post this comment but couldn't as it want's an account again................please pass on to pattee

    of course as sheldon's mom..... sheldon is my favorite too....what wonder and beauty and imagination you have given us in your incredible gypsy blog.....
    thank you love jacquie

  17. Ooooh hi Jacquie!! Hugs, Sarah