Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let's Begin our Journey

A dear friend of mine Renee and I had this idea to have gypsy caravan's and travel to places of delight. At that time I told her I'd be her personal chef which I am so honored to be. Then Sonia wanted to come on board for the adventure... Of course! Renee and I said... then Kj wished to be apart of this adventurous group!

Here I am going to host our adventure's... I have them on my other blog but will transfer them to here. I'll post recipes, photo's, highlights of our journey. Please be our guests and come along!


  1. YAY so fun, I love all things gypsy

  2. you bet your you-know-what i'm coming along. i will cook sometimes too of course and i promise to keep myself laughing and light and lively and loving!


  3. I am so excited. Super excited this will be so fun Pattee.

    By the way I hope that newcomers do not stand too close to kj as she is an excellent pick pocketer.

    And Sonia, well Sonia is part magic and can make anything happen.

    And Pattee, well Pattee has a heart as big as life.


  4. Oh my gosh.
    I want to be part of this adventure. Can't wait to see what you do.

  5. re: renee's comment: pattee has a heart as big as life and sonia is magic and kj is a pick pocketer.......!??????!!

    renee! this doesn't sound good. WTF? :)

  6. Sounds like lots of fun!!

  7. okay, i am a pickpocket. and i will be a good one so we can all live in high style.

    pattee, i will not take any food or anything from us, just from innocent nice people, and of course not-so-nice people


  8. Oh oh oh this is where this started..whoop..Patee Renee said I could be Gypsy #10...hope that is ok...whoo hoo!! I have been assigneed by Renee...the job of horse master and story teller..whoot!!
    As we speak I am loading up my wagon with horse care supplies and lots of pen and ink supplies to create enchanting stories for the campfire! Oh oh oh I am so excited to join this magical crew! Am practicing my belly dancing..whoo hoo!!
    What a wonderful idea Patee!! I am in Coeur D Alene, Idaho. I do love it here..where are you?? Hugs and thank you fun!!!

  9. LOL...Sonia needs her magic to get with it...I hebe jebeed this into my favs top of the list so I can be on top of things.....Tie me to the caravan when we mocve so I dont forget to follow...oy vey.....Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  10. What an exciting, fun adventure!! A GRAND idea!! I love all of the gypsy wagons! It looks like there is a bit of a gypsy spirit in a lot of us!

    Thanks for letting us tag along!

  11. I followed a link from she who seeks ! oh my lord.. love this... I have a little caravan by the seaside here in Australia... and if I squint just so, one eye open, it becomes a gypsy caravan for me!...
    not sure if there is room for me on the Gypsy trail.. but would love to join in.. other wise I will wave as you go past xo
    ps in your profile, you say you love your chickens, me too! I have chickens and they are my best friends.. in Australia, we call them chooks.