Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm So Thrilled So Many Have the Gypsy Spirit

First off gypsy sisters I've gotten the stomach flu....
Finally had to get anti nauseous drugs... so hopefully I will be back in no time...

When I get sick I like to have Matzah Ball Soup... It's warm and for me an anti-dote.

And I thank you Sonia for reminding me of a safe, snugly place for Jacquie and her travels with us.
This is for you Jacquie...


  1. That place seems safe and snugly indeed. Get well soon xJ

  2. Bummer, hope you feel better soon!
    My husband is Jewish loves this soup and this looks so pretty, I'll have to give it a try
    Soon you'll be dancing in the moonlight with toe rings on LOL
    your fairy friend

  3. Oooh, so sorry you are sick, but hopefully with the meds, and most certainly the soup, you will be back dancing around the campfire very soon!

    You need pampering, so you need to curl up in that gorgeous cozy bed!

    Stay warm, drink lots of fluids! We'll continue to send positive, healing energy your way!

  4. Hi hope your feeling better soon. I have never tried the soup, but it does look great. Feel better soon.

  5. Oh, feel better soon! You are a most beautiful gypsy sister!! The soup sounds delish! I might have to make it myself! Sending you lots of healing... Love, Silke

  6. Hope the meds and the matzos do the trick!

  7. Oh ackk sorry you feel punk..yuck!! Take care of you!!
    Wonderful comfy spot for Jacquie!!

  8. Hope your tummy's settled Gypsy-Girl...and Jacquie's space looks just right...

  9. oh goodness, I have a bit of something going on in my throat and a bit of fever too. But no tummy upset. Hope you feel better soon. (I make a vegetarian broth with my matzah balls, not quite like my Mothers, but pretty close)

  10. Thanks everyone... I'm finally off the couch, bed and floor in the bathroom.... I think I'm going to be back amongst the living with more gypsy magic~

  11. feel better sister dear...i'm fighting a sinus infection... be well!